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Contra Bass Flute


The Contra Bass Flute is a "double" bass flute. The range is from "B", 2 octaves and a semitone below middle "C" for 3 octaves.
One would write for it in treble clef with a 2 octave downward transposition.

Here are 10 tracks to demonstrate its tonality and effectiveness, both as a solo instrument and in orchestral or ensemble work.

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1) Solo passage from "When The Boat Comes In"

2) Intro to Gershwin Prelude No.2 - 3 contras
3) Solo middle section to the Gershwin
4) Solo from "Laura", orchestrated by John Altman
5) Orchestral passage from the film score "Immortality" by Julian Lyndsay
6) The Pink Panther
7) Intro & coda to Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto - from "Tracked"
8) Ethnic improvisation
9) 1st 2 sections of "Serpent Dance" by Marc Findon for flute quintet - from "Tracked"
10) 1st movt Debussy String Quartet for flute quartet - from "When The Boat Comes In"

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